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New Light Intergenerational Outreach Program

"Providing a second chance for Building Self Esteem, Academic Excellence, Cultural Awareness, Family Relationships and Life-Long Success"


Welcome to NARIOP. New Light Intergenerational Outreach Program, which serves Guilford County School students. This center is a model center of excellence in alternative learning and character building.

NARIOP is the acronym for New Light Intergenerational Outreach Program. It is designed to provide students with additional support and to reduce reoccurring suspensions and reduce the loss of academic time during suspension. All students attending must be enrolled in Guilford County Schools. Schools are encouraged to refer and inform parents of the NARIOP programs. 

Classmates in Library

Our Purpose

NARIOP serves a three-fold purpose: First to provide a high-quality learning experience and environment for all students. Secondly, to engage our students who have not been able to connect in their regular classroom setting. Lastly, to partner with Guilford County Schools, embracing and emphasizing their goals and objectives for student learning and to develop a relationship with NARIOP and parents/ guardians.


Servicing Guilford County Schools

NARIOP serves GCS elementary, middle, and high school students who recieved a short-term suspension up to ten days. NARIOP offers students in elementary, middle, and high schools, a structured program by providing an atmosphere conducive to learning and enhancing character development. 

In 2003, Guilford County Schools partnered with Reverend Dr. Cardes H. Brown, Jr. and New Light Missionary Baptist Church to develop an opportunity for students to engage in an alternative learning environment while suspended from school. Our purpose is to encourage students to successfully transition back into their respective schools effectively. 


Teacher and Student

Our Mentors

Our mentors at NARIOP serve students as listeners and change agents for students while encouraging effective

character building.”

Our Team
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