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Guidelines/ Expectations

Parents and Students please read carefully

Intake Process

  1. Arrival time: 8:30 AM.  Intake Process must be done with all students prior to attending. We will, however, accept students until 9:00 AM. Students should arrive no later than 9:00 AM to be served breakfast. However, after 10:00 AM we will not accept enrollment into this program.

  2. Students are expected to be prepared for daily activities by having the necessary tools and supplies for class assignments.

  3. No cell phones are allowed during the school day. We will collect in the morning and return them at the end of the school day. Emergency calls will be made by NARIOP staff only.

  4. Only students enrolled in the NARIOP program will be allowed on site. No trespassing allowed on campus.

  5. Your student should be picked up at 3:30 PM on that day. After 30 minutes, late fees will incur at $5.00 per every 30 minutes.

  6. Appropriate clothing is to be worn at all times. Students are expected to wear school SMOD, causal slacks, and jeans, blouse/shirts that will not expose midriff or cleavage. No tank tops or shirts with negative language on them, no sagging pants or leggings are permitted. Shoes must always be worn no flip flops, slides, or bedroom shoes are allowed. No hats, du rags, or bandanas are allowed in the building. Students will not be able to stay if they do not adhere to these guidelines and expectations.

  7. Intentional physical harm to another student or staff member will result in immediate dismissal. Possibly law enforcement and legal counsel will be enforced.

  8. Students are not allowed to use alcohol or drugs on NARIOP campus this includes tobacco products. Authorities will be contacted and disciplinary actions will be enforced. (GCS Student Code of Conduct applies.)

  9. Students are expected to listen and respect all adults (staff or non staff) as well as themselves, and other students.

  10. Profanity or obscene language, gestures or swearing will not be tolerated. Any form of disrespect will not be permitted. Immediate reprimand by Director is a consequence with possible termination from Program.

  11. Absolutely no gang paraphernalia clothing, discussion, or interaction will be tolerated. No Exceptions.

  12. No weapons or any objects that can be misconstrued as a weapon are allowed on NARIOP grounds. No Exceptions. No Exceptions (example: pair of scissors, water guns, paintball guns, BB guns, etc.)

  13. Respect the property of others. No Stealing or Defacing of the building, bathrooms, or peoples belongings. No defacing NARIOP property. (including but not limited to furniture, desks, computers)

  14. No student shall find themselves in a compromising situation with staff members or other students. No sexual or personal intimacy on this campus.

  15. Computers are for NARIOP school work only. No personal use unless instructed by staff. No secular music is to be played in the computer lab or anywhere in the building. Personal headphones may be used.

  16. If a student does not adhere to the rules of NARIOP and complete their classroom assignment they will automatically lose their recreation time. Work must be completed at this time. No School Work No Recreation, Daily.

  17. If all school work is not completed at the end of suspension period, Student will have to extend their stay here at NARIOP, per parent’s request and school administrator’s approval.

  18. The Student should not take their work home daily. All work should be done at NARIOP. If a student does not follow our rules and the work is lost or left at home NARIOP is not responsible.


Please Note: All GCS Disciplinary Policies will be enforced.

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